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SULIS - Sustainable Urban Landscape Information Series.
What's Inside


Sustainable Lawn Maintenance

Provides information about selecting grasses, site preparation, lawn installation and lawn care practices to reduce the need for fertilizers and pest control.

Sustainable Herbaceous Plant Maintenance

Focuses on herbaceous plant types: annuals, biennials, perennials, landscape grasses, ground covers, ferns, bulbs, wildflowers, herbs, and vines. Includes information about propagation, staking, pruning, nutrition, weed control, mulching and watering, diseases and insects, and special topics.

Sustainable Woody Plant Maintenance

Focuses on woody plant types: deciduous trees and shrubs, evergreen trees and shrubs, woody vines and ground covers. Includes sections about selecting woody plants, maintenance of newly planted woody plants as well as established woody plants. Topics coveredinclude pruning, watering, mulching, fertilizing, winter protection, animal damage, soil issues, and insects and diseases.

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